Make your home a solar powerhouse

We offer a suite of solar solutions for your home. The choice is yours.

As you live, work, and play, you need electricity for so many things: your smartphone, electric vehicle, lighting, and cooking. Where else to obtain it cheaply from but the sun? With SolaTeks, you may stretch your dollar by reducing your electricity bill. You may even sell the solar energy generated from your home to other consumers, thus ensuring additional income for you.

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How SolaCharge benefit to your property?

  • Receive the prestigious Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Award

  • Save on electricity costs from property usage

  • Saves the earth by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from your property

  • Receive rebates when you pay the NEA Carbon Tax

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint

    Financial Analysis

  • Reduces up to 100% of Utility Bills

  • Good Investment returns: >35% annual return on invesment

  • Minimum Volatility in Energy Cost

  • Let the system earn for you!

Get it down with easy step

  • Site Survey

    Examine your roof to determine the best placement for the solar panels to maximize the electricity production.

  • System Design & Proposal

    Design the placement and orientation of the solar panels, the wiring, the connections to components like an inverter and your home's meter.

  • Make It Happen

    Technical document permits application approved, and were ready to begin installation.


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