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By 2040, all Singaporean vehicles have to be powered by electricity. Roll with the changes today.

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How SolaCharge benefit to your property?

  • We are Green

    We partner with dealerships to provide you with the best EV alternatives for your fleet.

  • We install your Chargers

    Need EV Chargers in your commercial / industrial / residential building? We provide start-to-end support for discussions with building management so you can devote more time to your business.

  • We provide Chargers on Demand

    We provide you with access to our nationwide network of EV charging stations across Singapore for convenient on-demand charging anytime, anywhere

  • State of the art App

    Need information at your fingertips immediately? Make your fleet great again with our all-in-one dashboard app that allows you to see all your data at one glance!


  • Uses green energy that does not put a strain on the environment
  • Variety of charging options to suit your freedom and time available
  • 24/7 operation for charging at morning or night
  • Cheaper than other power sources
  • Universal standard charging for any charging types
  • Integrated with an easy-to-use app

Our work process

  • Site Survey

    Examine your carpark to determine the best placement for the charging station.

  • System Design & Proposal

    Design the placement and orientation of the charging station, the wiring, the connections to other components.

  • Make It Happen

    Technical document permits application approved, and were ready to begin installation.

What else we can do?

Charge your EV with Solar

Integrate your ev charger with solar system

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